Delightful Tea was borne out of my own passion for baking, pure and simple. My career has seen me working everywhere from universities to cupcake companies, but I’m a home-baker at heart.

It wasn’t so long ago that I thought ‘why not share my experiences and expertise with other like-minded folk and help them achieve the perfect bake every time?’ And so, my lovely  bake school was born.

Delightful Tea Bake School officially launched in November 2013 and we’ve been pretty busy ever since. I started out with the aim to teach proper baking at the heart of my business and this is still 100% the case – my love for baking in all its forms means that you will feel my passion in every single course. I still teach many of our wide range of courses, but we also have a selection of excellent, skilled guest tutors, all of whom share my passion.

Since launch, we’ve hosted a multitude classes and I’m pretty proud of how things are going. The bake school is located in Southend on Sea, close to the town centre. Our baking studio is a custom-designed and fully equipped work space, perfect for developing confident skills!

My vision for the school is to unite people with a common interest in all things baking and cooking. I want people to come for a class and leave feeling confident and inspired. If I can achieve that, then I know Delightful Tea Bake School has succeeded.

Sarah x

Founder, Delightful Tea Bake School

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