Below are the most frequently asked questions from our clients, so click on a link to skip to the section that you require – if you can’t find the answer to your particular question here, then please contact us and we will get back to you.

Health, Safety & Covid Security Policy

Your health and safety has always been our highest priority. Below are answers to some of the main questions you may have.

Q: Have you changed your processes in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?
A: Yes, we have written a new policy which enhances the measures we already had in place. You can read all about it by clicking here.

Q: Do you maintain social distancing measures during classes?
A: We have reduced the maximum number of students on all course titles to FIVE. Thus means students and staff can maintain social distancing.

Q: What are your hygiene processes?
A: We have always maintained stringent hygiene procedures, including fastidious hand hygiene which is known to be a major factor in controlling the spread of all germs and viruses. You can find out exactly what our processes are by clicking here.

Q: What about Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) – must I wear it?
A: Wearing a face mask or covering is mandatory for staff and students (unless medically exempt). Please bring along yours, or we can provide you with one free of charge. If you are medically exempt from wearing a face mask or covering, we respectfully ask that you advise before attendance.

Q: What happens if I experience coronavirus symptoms before I am due to come to a class, or I discover I have had contact with a person with diagnosed coronavirus?
A: DTBS requests that Clients who are unable to attend due to a positive confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis or an official notification to self-isolate due to potential infectious contact are aware that we will strive to be flexible but last-minute cancellations have a catastrophic effect on its ability to run viably. Therefore, early notice is appreciated. We require this notice in writing by email – until a response is received, Clients should not assume that their cancellation has been accepted.

Each case will be discussed on an individual basis. In some cases, a small charge will be made for consumables which will be lost due to a cancellation. This will be at cost only.

Please note that all other causes for cancellation by the Client shall, without exception, be dealt with in line with our standard Booking and Cancellation terms, as detailed above.

Q: What happens when I arrive at my class?
A: We will ask that you arrive a maximum of 15 minutes before your class starts – we won’t be able to admit students any earlier. On arrival you may be asked to wait outside in the lobby for a moment to prevent crowding inside our entrance. Once inside you will be asked to sanitise your hands immediately before finding your workstation and depositing your belongings.

We are legally obliged to request every attendee to check in using the NHS Test & Trace app. If you cannot do this, we will take your details down manually. These will be retained for three weeks and then distroyed.

Q: What if I am running late?
A: We ask that you plan your journey carefully as we won’t accept students who are more than 15 minutes late. This is to ensure we can keep the environment sanitised and prevent all the other attendees from being disrupted by latecomers. Please note that students not admitted due to late arrival will not be eligible to rebook or receive a refund.

Q: I have my own face mask and / or face shield. Can I wear these?
A: Yes, you can bring your own PPE, but please ensure it is sanitised to prevent contamination in the baking studio.

Q: There is a lunch break during my class, what happens?
A: We encourage students not to leave the baking studio at lunch time to help us prevent contamination risks. We recommend bringing a packed lunch and / or snacks for the day. Please note that we regrettably cannot refrigerate or heat food for you during the class or breaks.

Q: Do you provide refreshments?
A: Our staff will offer hot and cold refreshments during the day on request. These will be served in reusable cups / classes. You are welcome to bring your own refreshments if preferred. You will also be offered the chance to taste products made by the tutor on the day.

Q: What about equipment and ingredients? Will I have to share?
A: Previously we provided students equipment / utensils for their sole use but asked them sometimes to share packages of ingredients. Now students will have a full set of equipment and ingredients each. If you are attending with someone who is in your social bubble, let us know as you can be seated closer and potentially share some equipment.

Q: I am concerned about health and safety. Should I attend a class?
We have every confidence that your visit will be Covid Secure, but if you are still anxious we suggest you wait until you feel 100% confident. We recommend that if you have been shielding, or living with someone who has, that you carefully consider whether you should attend. We leave that decision entirely up to you and what feels right for you. However, please be aware that changing your mind for personal reasons after booking will result in the loss of your booking or administration charges for amendments (if applicable).

Booking & Classes

Q: I really want to take a course but I am not sure which one. Can you help me?
A: Of course! We want you to get the very best out of your time with us, so if you want extra help deciding which course(s) to take, then email or call us and we will offer advice to help you decide.

Q: What sort of ability are your courses aimed at?
A: The emphasis of our courses are learning and fun, for home bakers. We will give you all the skills, recipes and tips you need to produce great results in a domestic setting. That being said, the skill level for each of our courses varies and some are more challenging for more experienced amateurs than others.

Q: I want to book a course. Is your booking system secure?
A: We take your security very seriously and use a secure and integrated online booking system which uses PayPal to process your payment. That way, you know your personal information is in safe hands, your payment is protected and that we are a reputable business. Perfect!

We can also arrange your booking for you. If you choose this option you can still pay securely with your debit or credit card.

Q: How many other people will be at my course?
A: Total number of students varies by course and is dependent on the topics and techniques covered. For example some groups are as small as six, with the largest group size 5 (due to current social distancing guidelines). What you can be sure of is that all our class sizes are very small compared to many cookery schools, as we feel that small groups make the experience better for everyone. Our courses are very hands on, so we like to ensure that all our guests have the space and facilities to get the best from their session. If you would like to find out the maximum number of students for a particular course, this is detailed in the course descriptions on our courses page

Q: Why do some courses have fewer places than others? (When at full capacity e.g. not with social distancing measures in place)
A: Due to the content and equipment needs of some courses, we limit some class sizes to fewer students to ensure the very best experience. This is what we like to call the Delightful Tea Difference!

Q: Do I need to prepare or bring anything to my course?
A: No, all you need to do is arrive a maximum 15 minutes before your course start time! We provide all the ingredients and equipment for your course, including packaging to transport your goodies home at the end of the session. You may however wish to bring a large shopper bag or cool bag with you.

We do recommend that you wear comfortable clothing which is not easily damaged by splashes and spills, that you tie back any loose or long hair and that you wear footwear suitable for a kitchen environment, so no sandals or open toes please. We don’t recommend thick woolens which can shed fibres – not too nice to find these in your bakes, as you might imagine, and advise wearing layers so you can add or remove them depending on the activity. We also suggest jewellery is removed and left at home for safekeeping.

We provide aprons for all students but as it is a cooking environment best you don’t wear your best dress or suit for the occasion!

Ultimately we regret that we cannot take responsibility for any soiling or damage caused to your clothes or possessions whilst your at our classes.

Q: The course information mentions refreshments. What are these and do you provide lunch?
A: We offer refreshments such as quality teas, coffee, natural cordials and fresh water throughout your time with us or you can choose to bring your own if preferred.

There are several dining options within walking distance, ranging from a light snack to a full meal. We will happily give you advice about these options on the day of your course.

Q: Should I bring a packed lunch?
A: To prevent excess traffic to and from our baking studio, we highly recommend all students bring a packed lunch and any snacks they might need for their visit. This will enable us to keep our workspace Covid Secure for your time with us.

Q: How much time is set aside for lunch and what time is it?
A: The duration and timing of lunch is dependent on the class content and the ability and progress of the participants.

Q: What time should I arrive for my class?
A: Please ensure you arrive in time for the start of your class; information on your course start time is given on your booking confirmation details, which you should have received by email after making payment. Students are welcome to arrive a maximum of 15 minutes before their class start time for refreshments.

Q: I have a food intolerance. Are Delightful Tea classes suitable for me?
A: We try to accommodate students with food intolerances, but do request that you consult us prior to booking to ensure that we can properly cater for your allergy needs where possible. However, if any changes will result in changes to the class recipes, then unfortunately we cannot help as this would affect the progress of the class overall.

If you have a more serious allergy then respectively we would ask you to consider a private session as this would enable us to ensure that no cross-contamination occurs. Your safety is of the utmost importance to us.

Q: I would like to arrange a party for my child – how do I do this?
A: **CURRENTLY ON HOLD DUE TO HEALTH AND SAFETY CONCERNS** We offer children’s party packages. You can find information and prices by following this link.

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Q: I would like to make payment with cash or BACS transfer. Is this possible?
A: If you would like to pay for your class(es) or gift vouchers with BACS or cash, then you will need to contact us either by email or telephone, letting us know which class(es) and / or vouchers you require. Once we have a cleared payment we will confirm your booking or despatch any vouchers to you, but please be aware that we are not able to hold any course place whilst payment clears (this is approximately five working days from receipt for cheque), so cannot guarantee you your first choice class date until cleared. If you have any queries regarding this, please contact us to discuss.

We are able to take contact-limited bookings and sell gift vouchers at our studio by prior arrangement. Please contact us to make an appointment.

We no longer accept cheques for payment.

Q: Are there any additional course fees or booking fees I should be aware of?
A: When you book our courses there are no additional charges or booking fees applicable. Gift vouchers include standard first class postage.

Q: Since booking my course I have noticed a promotional discount or special offer – can I receive this discount?
A: We reserve the right to offer discounts, promotions and reductions at any time, for any course or for gift vouchers. These are not applicable respectively. If you would like to keep up with our latest news, promotions, discounts and special offers you can email us to be added to our mailing list* or you can ‘like’ our Facebook page.

*We do not divulge or share your contact details with third parties under any circumstances.

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Cancellations, Latecomers & Refund Policy

Q: What happens if I cannot attend a course I have booked?
A: Once you have booked and paid for your place we regret that no refunds can be given and you cannot automatically transfer to an alternative date. This is in accordance with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. However, we do offer a 48 hour cooling off period during which you can cancel your booking or purchase or amend your booked date to another available date for the same course or one of equal value. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

In some cases where we can be flexible and allow you to move to an alternative date, there will be a charge of £25 to cover our costs and the loss of your original place.

We cannot reschedule or refund any ‘no-shows’. A no-show is defined as someone who does not contact us prior to the commencement of the class.

In light of the current effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, we ask that students with coronavirus symptoms, or those who have had contact with another person with a coronavirus diagnosis contact as soon as possible to advise. We can then discuss your specific circumstances to reach a suitable solution.

Q: What happens if I am late for my course?
A: We advise allowing extra time for your journey to ensure you do not miss the start time, because we commence courses at the scheduled time without question to prevent other students from being inconvenienced. If you know you are going to be late, then please contact us by telephone to make us aware as early as possible and ensure that you leave a message if you cannot speak to us directly. Anyone who is more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted. This is to maintain high levels of hygiene and safety, and to prevent the students who have arrived on time from being disrupted.

Q: I don’t want to attend the course I booked anymore, so can I have my money back?
A: No, unfortunately once you have booked, you cannot receive any refund, full or partial. We suggest that you find someone who could attend in your place. If you arrange for a replacement, please ensure you let us know their name and details by email as soon as you can.

Q: I have paid a deposit for a special course, party or a private lesson but now I can’t attend. Can I have my deposit back?
A: As our events and private tuition sessions are designed bespoke just for you, we regret that deposits are non-refundable.

Q: Are there circumstances where Delightful Tea will cancel, postpone or reschedule my booking?
A: There are certain but rare circumstances where we will cancel, postpone or reschedule a course such as insufficient numbers, staff illness, damage to the baking studio or severe weather conditions; we endeavour to give the maximum notice of any cancellation or reschedule, where possible. Any decision to cancel, postpone or reschedule a course will be done so in the interests of quality assurance for our students.

Our courses generally run with a minimum number of students, depending on the maximum student number advertised per course. Any fewer than the minimum and we may offer you the chance to attend an alternative date(s). In exceptional circumstances we will offer a full refund but we hope that the alternative date(s) will enable you to still attend and enjoy your chosen course activity with us.

Please note that we do not accept responsibility for any losses, financial or otherwise, associated with a cancelled session, whether you choose to transfer to an alternative date or accept a refund, if offered. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

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Gift Vouchers & Redemption of Vouchers

Q: I have a gift voucher. How will I receive it?
A: Once you have purchased a gift certificate online we will despatch them by post free of charge. We aim to post vouchers within 48 hours, but during busy times this may take longer. If you need your voucher urgently, please contact us so we can expedite processing of your order if possible. If you opt for an e-Voucher, this will be sent to your email address within 48 hours approximately.

Q: I have a voucher to redeem but the course I want to do is fully booked. What can I do?
A: We offer all our courses on a range of dates in accordance with our class schedule. However, we cannot guarantee availability of any particular course and we recommend that you book early to avoid disappointment.

Q: The course I wanted to attend appears to be unavailable or has no forthcoming dates, why is this?

A: We reserve the right to withdraw courses and course dates without notice. To redeem your certificate you will have to select an alternative course title; or you can opt to redeem your certificate for private tuition so that you can cover your chosen topics. We do not refund the value of gift certificates under any circumstances.

Q: My voucher value is higher than the course I wish to attend. Can I have the difference refunded?
A: No, vouchers have no monetary value, so if you redeem for a course of lesser value, then you will not receive any refund for the difference. Vouchers can be split so any remaining balance will remain available to use until the expiry date.

Q: My voucher has expired and I haven’t redeemed it yet. Is it still valid?
A: We regret that expired vouchers cannot be redeemed, refunded or extended under any circumstances. Please ensure you redeem your voucher within its validity period. We will not contact you to inform you that your voucher is due for expiry.

Q: Are there any additional restrictions for voucher redemption?
A: Gift voucher recipients should have booked their course within the validity period of the voucher; we allow students an additional three months from voucher expiry to complete their course. Therefore there is a total of 15 months in which to use a gift voucher.

Q: I have purchased a gift voucher and have changed my mind. What can I do?
A: In accordance with the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, you have 14 days from the despatch date of your gift voucher order to cancel it. Requests for cancellation of a voucher order should in the first instance be made in writing by email to We will issue a full refund via the original payment method within 7 working days, but you should be aware that the funds will be deposited in accordance with the recharge policy and timescale of the original payment processor. Any special delivery postage charges you specifically selected will not be refunded.

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Travel & Location

Q: I don’t know the local area. What kind of location is Delightful Tea Bake School in?
A: We are based on a pleasant high street just a short distance from Southend-on-Sea town centre.

Q: What are my travel options?
A: You can reach Delightful Tea Bake School by public transport or car.

Want to get to us by train? C2C runs regular services to Southend East from London Fenchurch Street, and we are located only a five minute walk from Southend East mainline station. Click here for information.

We are also accessible via Greater Anglia services from London Liverpool Street. Southend Victoria station is around 15 minutes walk or around 5 minutes by taxi. Licensed taxis are available at the station. Click here for information.

Southchurch Road is served by several bus routes. Click here for information.

Travelling by car? There is a public car park located approximately 5 minutes walk away. The Ilfracombe Road car park has a pay and display machine; charges apply. There are further car parks within fair short distances. Click here for information.

There is short term, free on street parking along Southchurch Road, but please ensure you choose a parking option which allow you enough time to complete your course and return to collect your car.

Q: Is there parking available and do I have to pay for parking?
A: Unfortunately we do not have parking available for students. Please see above for details about parking options. Students are responsible for their own parking charges etc.

Q: I am considering staying in the area, where can I stay?
A: Please contact us or see our Useful Links page for details of accommodation locally, as well as other useful information about attractions and amenities in the area.

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Q: I am planning to book a course for a child. Are your classes suitable?
A: Please see individual course information for details, as we set a recommended minimum age for each class. These guides are flexible, but if your child is under the minimum age specified we request that you inform us prior to booking.

We also request that under 16s are accompanied by an adult attending the same class, especially on their first visit. As you might imagine, the safety and comfort of your child is of as paramount importance to us as it is for you. Classes are attended by adults primarily and therefore we want to ensure any younger guests feel just as at home.

Q: What are your opening and contact hours? A: Delightful Tea Bake School’s telephone and email contact hours are 10am – 5pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 4pm on Saturdays. We can accept calls outside this time at our discretion.

The baking studio is open by appointment only, so unless you have a class booked, you will need to contact us before visiting.

Q: I have an enquiry. How soon can I expect a response?
A: We aim to respond to email enquiries with 48 hours of receipt. If you contact us by telephone, we may not be able to answer immediately, especially when there are classes scheduled, but will respond to messages as soon as possible. We always recommend that you use email as your primary form of contact with us.

Q: I want to organise an event activity and would like to find out what Delightful Tea offers.
A: **CURRENTLY ON HOLD, BUT PLEASE CONTACT FOR FUTURE BOOKINGS** We can arrange children’s party celebrations, hen party activities as well as bespoke plans for all kinds of functions. Please contact us for details about how we can add value to your event.

Q: Do you offer services for corporate events or team building?
A: If you are looking for corporate team-building or leisure activities then we can help you! We can also arrange specialist catering for corporate events. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information.

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