Delightful Tea Bake School – Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the information below which details the terms and conditions of the contract between Delightful Tea Bake School, hereafter known as DTBS and the booker and/or purchaser, hereafter known as the Client.

  • Booking and Cancellation

Bookings are made via the DTBS website or by telephone / email. Bookings made online require full payment at the time of purchase and processed using PayPal. Telephone / email bookings require a 50% minimum deposit taken with Square (unless made fewer than 14 days before the event) with the balance paid no less than 14 days before the event.

At the time of booking the Client will be asked to confirm that they have read DTBS’s terms and conditions and agreed to them, must provide names of all prospective other attendees if booking for more than one person and ensure that all attendees meet the minimum age requirements (or will be appropriately accompanied, as per our terms).

DTBS works in accordance with Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. As such, DTBS’s course bookings are defined as non-refundable; booking a place on a course confirms the Client’s ability to attend. However, DTBS offers the benefit of a discretionary ‘cooling off’ period of 48 hours from the time it receives a booking, during which time the Client can reschedule the booked date to an alternative session.

DTBS is not able to reschedule or reallocate places or give a refund without charge beyond this 48-hour period.

When booking a course, the Client or Booker agrees to our Terms and Conditions by clicking the check box required. These T&Cs outline DTBS’s cancellation policies and also covers the rare occasions when DTBS must cancel or reschedule a course.

Please check carefully to ensure you or the person you have booked for can attend when making your booking. Once your place is booked and paid for (either in full or partially with a deposit) it is confirmed and allocated to you.

However, in emergency situations we aim to be flexible and if written notice by email is received at least 7 days before the class date, then a transfer charge of 25% of the fee paid when booking will be required to move to an alternative date. Should there be any decrease in course fees for the new booking, there will be no partial reimbursement made to the Client.

Please note that cancellation / reschedule requests received within 7 days of the class date will not be transferable and no refund will be given as DTBS will not be able to resell the unwanted place and cannot sustain the loss of two course places for one course fee. In such cases please advise DTBS of a nominated person who can attend in your place.

In all circumstances no-shows will not receive any refund or alternative date. A no-show is defined as a client who does not notify us of their non-attendance before the commencement of the class.

Agreement to DTBS’s terms and conditions at the time of booking expressly confirms the Client’s understanding of the contract between themselves and the DTBS.

DTBS respectfully asks Clients to ensure that they book a date they can attend.

However, should a Client be unable to attend the following policy applies:

  1. A Client can allow another person to attend in their place. We require confirmation of the new attendee’s name and that they meet our minimum age requirements before commencement of the course.
  2. If the Client does not send another person on the booked date, then subject to availability, they will be permitted to attend another date offered. This will incur a transfer fee of  25% of the course price paid and covers our very basic costs for losing a full price place. Until payment of this transfer fee is received, a new place is not guaranteed.

To illustrate why DTBS cannot accept cancellations, especially at short notice; a Client books and pays for ONE class place but then wants to change to another therefore taking up TWO class places but has only PAID FOR ONE PLACE. Unless DTBS can resell the unwanted place to another paying guest, which is very hard at short notice, then it has cost the Company a full course fee. This is unsustainable and DTBS respectfully asks that Clients appreciate this.

Non-attendees (no-shows) will not be entitled to any refund, full or partial, nor will any alternative date be offered.

  • Postponements / Cancellations by DTBS

DTBS strives to ensure that classes proceed on the date booked but reserves the right to cancel or withdraw scheduled classes at any time and for any reason but aims to give as much notice as possible to Clients booked on any affected course(s). If DTBS must cancel a course then it will offer an alternative date or course option, where possible.

If the Client unable to attend the offered alternative date(s) or course type, then a full refund will be issued via the original payment method. DTBS aims to process refunds within 7 days of cancellation (excluding any processing time by the payment processing provider). It does not accept responsibility for any costs incurred due to its cancellation of a course, including childcare, travel expenses, annual leave loss etc and recommends that clients purchase suitable insurance where necessary.

DTBS maintains minimum numbers for classes to enable them to run viably.

DTBS is not responsible for any loss, financial or otherwise, brought about through cancellation, postponement and / or rescheduling of any course. DTBS suggests that if the Client has any concerns regarding this, they should consider purchasing insurance cover for financial protection.

  • Extraordinary Circumstances & Coronavirus COVID-19 or Similar

DTBS must adhere to Government / Local Authority imposed rules and therefore cannot accept responsibility for classes / events that must be rescheduled due to enforced closure for extraordinary circumstances / force majeure / pandemic/ acts of God.

In such cases Clients will be offered one of the following options;

  1. An alternative date
  2. The opportunity to change to another course title (subject to any additional fees payable). Please note that any credit available due to transfer to a lesser priced course will be given as a gift voucher for use on another course.
  3. The balance for the postponed course as a gift voucher valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

No refunds will be offered for dates which are forced to be cancelled due issues outside the DTBS’s control (extraordinary circumstances / force majeure / pandemic / acts of God). Clients will be asked to choose a new date within 12 months of the cancelled date; however, DTBS will aim to be flexible in cases where this is not possible for health or other reasons.

The Client must ensure that they provide accurate, current, and regularly monitored contact details when making bookings or buying gift vouchers – DTBS cannot accept responsibility for inability to contact Clients regarding course confirmation, course details or updates.

  • Private Tuition, Children’s Party, Hen Party & Corporate Events

Clients booking private tuition, or an event are bound by all DTBS’s standard terms and conditions as stated in this document.

To secure private tuition or an event, the Client must pay a non-refundable deposit of 50%. Until a deposit is received as cleared funds, the chosen date remains available to other bookings.

Deposits for private tuition and events are non-refundable under any circumstances. Dates and times can be changed once the balance payment is received; after this no amendments can be made to date / time. Once the balance is paid no refunds will be made should fewer guests attend.

Private tuition and events planned at short notice e.g., within 14 days of the date require full payment at the time of booking.

The balance for private tuition and events is due no less than 14 days prior to the commencement date. Failure to pay the balance on time will result in cancellation of the event.

Payment for all events is required by Square / PayPal. Clients will be invoiced and will receive receipts for payments.

The individual named on the booking information (the Client) assumes responsibility for agreement to all terms and conditions on behalf of all the attendees, whether the Client attends the event themselves or not.

Clients and attendees are bound by all the standard terms and conditions where applicable.

  • Off-Site Events

To secure an off-site event, the Client must pay a deposit non-refundable deposit of 50%. Until a deposit is received as cleared funds, the chosen date remains available to other bookings.

The balance for an off-site event is required no less than 14 days prior to the commencement date (unless otherwise authorised by DTBS). Failure to pay the balance on time will result in cancellation of the event.

Off-site events planned at short notice e.g., within 14 days of the date require full payment at the time of booking.

Off-site event costs are quoted on an individual basis according to the requirements of the Client.

DTBS does not accept responsibility, full or partial, for any technical, mechanical, maintenance or other issues which may arise at an off-site venue. However, DTBS does strive to visit and assess off-site venues regularly up until the event date to ensure than such issues are unlikely to affect the Client’s event.

  • Gift Vouchers

Clients can buy gift vouchers for all classes online on DTBS’s website. These vouchers come in a range of denominations which can be mixed and matched to equate to the desired total. DTBS can issue vouchers for any chosen value on request. There is no charge for standard UK postage via Royal Mail. Should an express / secure postage service be required, the Client should contact DTBS prior to ordering certificates for a quotation.

Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, unless otherwise stated. DTBS will not notify the purchaser of the impending expiry of any voucher(s) and once the expiry date is reached, vouchers are invalid and cannot be redeemed for courses nor will any refund be given. Any part-redeemed voucher(s) will also expire after 12 months.

Recipients have 12 months to redeem their voucher(s) and a total of 15 months from the purchase date of the voucher(s) to undertake a course. Occasionally DTBS can offer some flexibility, but this is entirely at its discretion and will be offered on a case by case basis.

Voucher(s) have no monetary value and are only redeemable against available DTBS classes.

Once the Client has paid for voucher(s) via our website, they will receive a PayPal receipt.

Should the Client not wish to purchase vouchers online, they can contact the DTBS by email or telephone instead.

Once cleared payment is received, the DTBS will arrange postage of the vouchers(s) to the address as provided by the Client. It is the Client’s responsibility to supply accurate postage details – DTBS cannot accept responsibility for inaccurate address details resulting in non-delivery.

If the Redeemer selects a course to a value lesser than the value of the voucher(s), no cash amount will be given for the difference. The remaining balance can be redeemed as full or partial payment for another course.

Vouchers can be redeemed via the website or by contacting DTBS.

Should voucher(s) be purchased for a course, which at the time of redemption is not running, is postponed, rewritten, or withdrawn, the Client is not entitled to any refund, full or partial. DTBS reserves the right to postpone, rewrite or withdrawn a course at its discretion.

In no circumstances will refunds be given for unredeemed or unwanted vouchers.

  • Course Fees, Schedules & Content

DTBS reserves the right to amend course fees without notice; however, if the Client has booked and paid for a class, they will not be required to pay a higher fee nor will a refund be issued if a course booked is offered at a reduced rate, or as part of a special offer or promotion.

DTBS also reserves the right to make changes to course content without notice or consultation. Any such changes would be to enhance or improve the course. DTBS will however notify all booked Clients of any changes deemed significant.

DTBS does not offer refunds on courses with amended content but will attempt to reassign the Attendee to an alternative course, if possible.

DTBS provides all equipment and ingredients for courses, but all said equipment and ingredients remain its sole property.

Tutors are not obliged to provide additional help on topics which are not part of the agreed course content; any additional support or information unrelated to the course content is provided entirely at the tutor’s discretion.

All course content, recipes, images taken at, and depicting, the DTBS’s premises and staff, and any of its branded materials, remain the property of DTBS.

Clients are not permitted to copy or disseminate DTBS intellectual property under any circumstances. Clients and third parties may apply for permission to copy or disseminate information, images, materials etc. by contacting DTBS in writing.

DTBS retains the right to refuse any such requests without reason.

  • Health, Safety & Hygiene

DTBS takes hygiene very seriously and as such have guidelines to ensure Clients get the best from their experience. DTBS therefore recommends that Clients wear suitable clothing and footwear and make use of the apron we provide. Clients may wear their own apron if preferred.

DTBS does not accept responsibility for any discolouration or damage to clothing etc. caused by activities associated with our courses, and recommend jewellery is removed and left at home for safekeeping.

DTBS’s priority is its Clients’ health and safety to ensure to ensure they enjoy their experience to the maximum. DTBS therefore respectfully asks that all Clients comply fully with all instructions from our staff without question.

As with any kitchen environment, there are potential hazards. All classes are supervised, and DTBS strives to ensure the working environment is safe; however, it cannot take responsibility for any injuries sustained from use of its kitchen or equipment and require Clients to take due care and attention when using its equipment or facilities. In the unlikely event of an incident or accident, Clients will be asked to complete and sign the relevant record of the event.

DTBS is fully insured for its’ Clients’ safety, wellbeing, and peace of mind.

  • Changes to Health & Safety Protocols in Response to COVID-19

DTBS is bound to act according to all Government-imposed and / or advised rules and guidelines regarding appropriate measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Should any requirements change between the booking date and attendance, DTBS will notify attendees (or the Booker) by email.

Therefore, we ask that Clients follow all instructions and guidance provided in the information sent with their booking confirmation.

DTBS staff are instructed to always enforce rules regarding health and safety and kindly asks attendees to follow protocols in place for their safety and that of the team.

  • Allergies & Intolerances

DTBS cannot guarantee its kitchen or off-site event venues to be allergen-free, so those with a sensitive allergy to nuts, nut by-products, gluten, lactose etc. need to assess whether DTBS’s are suitable for them. If in doubt, please contact DTBS before booking. There is a list of known allergens available on the DTBS website.

Products containing gluten and dairy products are always present in DTBS’s kitchen.

DTBS can accommodate some intolerances such as lactose and gluten, with advance notice and agreement prior to booking. Please note, however, that as potential allergens are used and stored in its kitchen, DTBS regretfully cannot take any responsibility for any allergic reactions etc. suffered during time spent at its kitchen.

For safety reasons we cannot accommodate students with nut allergies.

  • Parking & Vehicles

There is no parking for Clients provided at our site. Details of parking options available are provided on our website and is contained in the information provided when booking. The Client is responsible for all parking costs.

  • Class Times, Latecomers & Departures

Classes start at the advertised time, and visitors are advised to allow adequate time for their journey.

The Client is advised that they can arrive at our baking studio up to a maximum of 15 minutes before the class commencement time.

If the Client is aware that they will be late, then they should immediately contact DTBS.

DTBS cannot take responsibility for any aspect of the class missed by latecomers.

For health, safety and for the benefit of the other students in attendance, latecomers will not be admitted any longer than 30 minutes after the advertised start time under any circumstances.

If the Client needs to leave a class early for any reason, they will not be entitled to a partial or full refund of any kind.

The above terms are applicable for all private tuition, children’s party, hen party and other events both at the DTBS’s premises and off-site.

  • Photography & Video

To protect the privacy of all participants, Clients are welcome to take pictures of their own work but are politely requested not to take pictures of other Clients or their work without permission. This also applies to staff, the lesson, and their work. DTBS requests that no Attendees take video of the class at any time. If the Client wishes to write about their class or about DTBS, they can request to do this in advance of the session; DTBS can then grant permission for photography or video.

DTBS retains the rights to and possession of any photographs and requires the opportunity to review and approve any written articles or publications prior to dissemination. From time-to-time DTBS may ask to take photographs of a session but will seek permission from the entire group before doing so.

  • Special Offers, Competitions & Promotions

Occasionally DTBS may offer reductions, special offers and incentives. It also reserves the right to withdraw a reduction, special offer or incentive at any time, without notice.

Any promotional codes must be used at time of first booking; no reductions will be made afterwards.

  • Courses Taught by External Tutors / Companies

DTBS occasionally allows external tutors to use its facilities to teach their own courses and hold events. These courses and events are not the responsibility of DTBS and all liability for course quality, content, tuition, materials, equipment, and general Client satisfaction remains with the external tutor / company.

DTBS rigorously vets any external tutors / companies using its facilities but cannot guarantee satisfaction under any circumstances. DTBS will however, if made aware immediately and in writing, help Clients of external tutors or companies to investigate any problems or issues arising during a course. DTBS will not provide any arbitration, legal advice, or support, nor is it responsible for any costs associated with making a complaint regarding an external tutor / company.

Clients attending an external tutor / company event or class agree in full to DTBS terms and conditions and are always bound by these from initial booking until departure after the class / event.

DTBS is not responsible for accident or injury sustained from use of equipment, ingredients, utensils etc. brought onto our premises by an external tutor / company.

DTBS reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any course or event delivered from its premises if it deems fit. This will be done in the interests of the business reputation of DTBS and for the benefit of its Clients.

  • General Terms

DTBS classes are primarily aimed at Clients aged 16 years or over, due to the nature of the equipment and techniques used. It requests that Clients aged 11 – 16 years old attending our adult sessions are accompanied by an adult guardian aged 18 years or older, also taking the same course on the same date.

Please note that due to restrictions currently in place on the maximum number of guests we can accommodate, it is rare that we will be able to accommodate non-paying / non-participating spectators.

Course finish times are approximate and actual finish time will be based on the speed and ability of the entire group. Please bear this in mind when planning activities after a course.

DTBS requests that Clients take due care and attention to ensure they do not damage any property whilst at its premises. Any damage brought about by Client negligence must be paid for.

Clients are entitled to take home the baked items made personally on the day of their course. They are not entitled to any other products unless they are offered by staff. DTBS recommends that any products taken away are correctly stored and consumed in accordance with the instructions given by the tutor. All goods made on the premises but consumed off the premises are done so entirely at the Clients own risk.

  • Data Protection & Privacy

In accordance with GDPR (May 2018), DTBS operates a stringent data protection policy. This policy ensures that all information received by the DTBS during the enquiries, booking and purchasing processes are securely stored and only retained for administration purposes.

When making a booking or purchase, either via DTBS’ website, by telephone / email or at its premises, the Client agrees the Terms and Conditions and therefore to their data being stored for the purposes of managing bookings / purchases. In accepting the Terms and Conditions, the Client is confirming that DTBS can make contact regarding the specific booking / purchase only. DTBS will not contact the Client for any other reason.

Unless the Client expressly requests addition to the DTBS’s mailing list, they will not be included in any marketing or communications undertaken by DTBS.

Signing up to DTBS’s mailing list via a website link confirms consent to opt into its marketing communications. Subscribers can opt out at any time via links contained in all email marketing materials.

All subscriber information is password protected.


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