We are Covid Secure! Safety and Hygiene Policy

Understandably, many people will still have some concerns and uncertainty about health, safety and the measures needed to ensure we all stay well. We have always maintained an exemplary hygiene regime and this will be further enhanced for your future visit. We wanted to give you some idea of what we are doing to ensure our visitors and our staff are kept safe. We have devised a Covid Secure Policy, in line with Government guidance and rules; this policy encompasses a range of measures to make your time with us safe but also still fun and engaging.

Our Covid Secure Policy

Before Your Class

CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS? – if you exhibit any symptoms or know that you have come into contact with anyone with symptoms or a diagnosis, PLEASE INFORM US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AND DO NOT ATTEND. We will discuss alternative arrangements with you should this situation arise. As we are running greatly reduced class sizes, the more notice you can give us if you think you might not attend is hugely appreciated

PREPARATION FOR YOUR CLASS – our staff will fully clean and sanitize your work area and utensils before you arrive

CONTINUAL HYGIENE MAINTENANCE – as always, we fully clean the baking studio before and after each session

JUDGEMENT CALL – if you have been shielding, live with someone who has, or do not yet feel ready to attend a class then please wait. We want you to enjoy your experience to the full! Your rebook code has no expiry, so if you are not sure, wait

On Arrival

ENTERING THE BAKING STUDIO – on arrival you may be asked to wait outside for a few moments to prevent crowding at the entrance (we will request that you arrive between 9.45am – 10am). Unfortunately, we will not be able to admit you before 9.45am or after 10.15am to enable us to properly and safely welcome you. Accommodating latecomers will impact on the other students and compromise the procedures we have in place for your protection

HAND HYGIENE – on arrival you will be required to use hand sanitiser immediately and then wash your hands once you have located your workstation and deposited your belongings. Please minimise what you bring with you as much as possible to make this quick and easy

STAFF HEALTH MONITORING & PPE – all staff will be asked to monitor their social interactions on an ongoing basis and report any possible concerns to the manager

Staff will be issued with disposable face masks, disposable food-safe gloves, and a visor. These will be worn during the class as appropriate and either replaced or sanitised before (and during if necessary) each session

Safety, Hygiene & Social Distancing During Your Class

1 METRE PLUS SOCIAL DISTANCE – students will be seated with 1 meter + space between them

LESS STUDENTS – the largest class size will be FIVE students for ALL course titles

PPE FOR STUDENTS – we will provide a disposable face mask for each student to use during the class. Wearing a mask greatly enhances all the other measures in place so we hope you will wear yours throughout the session

If you wish to use gloves, these will be provided for you (or bring along your own if preferred)

We can provide visors with advance notice at an additional charge (please enquire), or feel free to bring your own

INDIVIDUAL EQUIPMENT & INGREDIENTS – each student will have a set of ingredients and equipment for their use. During the class staff will clean any items you use and replace them. To help us, we will ask you to keep track of your equipment and ensure you keep all your items within your work area; if you need something, just let one of the team know

CLEANING & SANITIZING – we have changed some of the cleaning processes during class to maintain social distance. Please note however, should our staff need to be close to you at any point, they will wear face masks and visors for everyone’s protection and peace of mind

TEACHING & LEARNING – your tutor will greet you wearing appropriate PPE but will remove this when at a safe distance to enhance your experience. If at any time you want to approach the tutor’s workstation for a demonstration or you need help, your tutor will wear a mask and visor for your protection

KEEP-IT-CLEAN REGIME – you will be regularly reminded to wash your hands (this has always been our policy anyway!) especially when leaving and returning to your workstation. Each student will be provided with a pump hand sanitiser to use between hand washes

LUNCH TIME – for classes which incorporate a lunch break we highly recommend that you bring a packed lunch which you can eat at your workstation. This will minimise traffic in and out of the baking studio and will help us keep the environment sanitised. We won’t be able to refrigerate or heat anything for you unfortunately

REFRESHMENTS & BREAKS – during the class you will be offered or can request hot and cold refreshments; our staff will provide these for you – we will use washable cups and glasses, unless you request disposable cups.

If you wish to bring your own drinks, please feel free, but unfortunately, we will not be able to refrigerate anything for you. Most classes have short periods where you will be asked to take a break and you will be asked to minimise your movement around the kitchen during these times so that staff can clear and sanitise for you. Please bring along any snacks you might need for these periods

YOUR BAKES – you will take home everything you have made. Packaging will be provided, but to minimise unnecessary handling, we will ask you to pack your own produce

After Your Class

MONITORING – we urge you to contact us if you display coronavirus symptoms within 7 – 10 days of your visit, or if you discover you were in contact with someone who has shown symptoms or received a positive diagnosis. This enables us to track any students affected and also helps us protect our staff

By having these processes in place, we want to assure you that every measure is being taken to protect you. However, our classes are designed to be fun, so please be assured that the activities included in your class and your enjoyment are very much a priority too!

If you have any questions about any aspect of our policy, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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